Ron Gilad

Tel Aviv, 1972

Gilad’s hybrid objects combine practical genius with aesthetic play. His creations describe the relationship between an object and its function, thus opening up a discussion in relation to the essence of human perception. His works, which include unique pieces, limited editions and mass produced objects, have no expiry date and form part of many prestigious collections, both public and private, around the world. Gilad incessantly questions the world in all three dimensions, giving explosive answers that take seed, seeding the fertile field of doubt with new questions. Metaphorically speaking, one could define Gilad as a linguist who has created his very own language, studying the origins of his “words” and developing new “synonyms”.

Gilad’s unquestionable ability lies in his capacity to imbue structurally heavy materials, like iron and marble, with an almost magicalsense of weightless dynamism. After 12 years of intense work in his home-studio in Brooklyn, in 2012, he returned to Tel Aviv on a permanent basis. The following summer, his nation of origin would celebrate his return with an extensive solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art at the heart of the city. Nominated as designer of the year in 2012 by Wallpaperand Elle Decor.

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