Molino Calcagni
Strada Monteventano, Piozzano (PC)


“Here I am again in Italy with my improbable furniture!
I have never thought that the rustic style was a fate. Just as I have never thought that the Bourgeois style was a fate. Indeed, I think, as almost everybody thought in Milan in the Eighties, that everybody should like what we design because it tells stories that we can all relate to. Stories of people who sit, eat, turn on the lights, look at the stars, argue, love one another. Two years ago I looked back at thirty years of my furniture designs. I chose a few that had never been made and endeavoured to redesign them so they could be made today. Strangely, the passing of time is no fate either. These pieces of furniture have been travelling for two years, from a Contemporary Art Foundation in Switzerland all painted white, to an exhibition in the Eighteenth century Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Bordeaux, and now they happily come to a farmstead in the countryside to furnish two rooms of a farmer’s kitchen. My furniture is like me. Nomadic, no longer fashionable. It is happy anywhere because actually my pieces of furniture are “homes” themselves. To make it clearer I should say that these pieces of furniture are books. They tell stories of vast places or even stories of tiny places. Stories which are passed down from one generation to the next, to sons and daughters. But since, nowadays, no-one listens to the stories of the old any more, perhaps they will continue their journey forever….”


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