Matali Crasset

Chalons, Champagne, France, 1965

Matali Crasset is by training an industrial designer, a graduate of the Ateliers – E.N.S.C.I. (Workshops – National Higher School of Industrial Design). At the beginning of 2000, after her initial experience with Denis Santachiara Italy and with Philippe Starck in France, she set up her own studio in Paris called matali crasset productions in a renovated former printing firm in the heart of Belleville. It is there, with the coming and going of children and neighbours that she dreams up her projects.

She considers design to be research, working from an off-centred position allowing to both serve daily routines and trace future scenarios. With both a knowledgeable and naive view of the world, she questions the obviousness of codes so as to facilitate her breaking these bonds.

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