Duilio Forte

Milan, 1967

Graduated in architecture at the Politecnico in Milan. His artistic research is focused on the spatial dimension and his work embraces the reality of everyday life – that epic universe in which human beings live and move. The practical experience of Swedish tradition with its close attention to nature, are the foundation from which he views the complexity of Italian history and culture. In 2008 and 2010 Forte participated in the Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

In 1998, founded Atelier FORTE. The recurring personage is Sleipnir, the horse of Odino. For Forte this horse is the symbol of exploration, discovery and conquest. This mythical being is also a meeting point between Classical and Norse mythology

→ C.Ar.D. 2014 edition
→ C.Ar.D. in teh city 2015
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