Donna Moylan

Boston, 1953

Lives and works between N.Y. and Pasadena. Moving to Rome in the ‘70’s, she became a renowned artist in Italy, where she lived until 1992. Thus, it was in Italy during the years of crisis that conditioned the Neo-Avant-garde and the rebirth of figurative painting, that Moylan formed her artistic language. Her painting did not succumb to the mannerisms and citations of this return, and remained suspended in that poetic realm of expressive languages inspired by psychology and the mystery of communication.

Moylan is a great painter, who–through the simplicity and economy of her materials – has an extraordinary capacity of mimetic representation that permits her to give life to a profound world of dreams, contrasts and associations in which the landscapes of the soul, which could be compared to seductive cartoons, are imprinted on the kaleidoscopes of the mind or spread in great lakes of sinuous, musical colour that possesses a hypnotic, mesmerizing effect.

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