Art itineraries
in the valleys of Piacenza

→ Pianello Val Tidone 12.09 / 12.10 2014

An international art exhibition held every two years, spread across the hills of Piacenza, located in abandoned factories and farms or in prestigious historical homes.

The valleys and hills of Piacenza have, in the last fifteen years, become one of the most coveted and sought-after rest and recreation destinations for many leading exponents of the cultural, media, publishing and economic-financial worlds in the north of Italy.

The features which have decreed the success of this geographical area are the still almost unspoilt beauty of its hilly and mountainous landscape, which embraces a vast region south of the Po straddling the Apennines of Emilia and Liguria. Another important point in its favour is its relative closeness to cities and towns rich in medieval and renaissance art, such as Cremona, Piacenza, Bobbio, Parma and Modena, which are every bit as interesting as those of central Italy. Finally, we should recall its food and wine tradition, one of the finest in Italy.

C.Ar.D. is unique in the way it brings artists into contact with the public to make what is generally considered abstract, incomprehensible and at one remove from ordinary life both comprehensible and familiar. Indeed, as well as it being spectacular, playful and provocative, we want it to be an educational event. The idea is to arouse that collective sensitivity that could transform this region into a blueprint for the harmonious coexistence of the cultural and aesthetic traditions of the Italian countryside with works of contemporary art and architecture works which have the same nobility and dignity as ancient works without being poor imitations of them.

The Italian and international artists are:

Paola Anziché / Christopher Broadbent / Alice Cattaneo / Marco Ferreri / David Alexander Flinn / Duilio Forte / Ron Gilad / Rashawn Griffin / James Hyde / Ezra Johnson / Barney Kulok / Fabienne Lasserre / Donna Moylan / Giordano Pozzi / Denis Santachiara / Attilio Stocchi / Jessica Stockholder / Studio Formafantasma

As well as the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), whose limits are nowadays not at all well-defined, C.Ar.D. is dedicated to design, with a special focus on those aspects of design which are linked less to the production of useful objects and more to invention and experimental aesthetics. The exhibitions will be accompanied with talks given by the artists in a simple and conversational style, with the help of interpreters in the case of foreign artists, and by lectures designed purposely to bring the public closer to contemporary art and to facilitate their appreciation and comprehension of it.

Exhibition venues are located in the towns of Pianello, Piozzano, Agazzano and Gazzola:

Tidone River / Auditorium / Public Library / Town Hall – Rocca dal Verme / Bowling Grounds / Stores / Cascina Masarola / Former Agricultural Consortium San Gabriele / Rocca d’Olgisio / Villa Scotti Anguissola / Castle of Lisignano