Anna K.E.

Tbilisi, Georgia, 1986

Anna K.E. is a Georgian artist working across sculpture, drawing and video; Florian Meisenberg is a German painter, multimedia and installation artist, both first met at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and are now based in New York City. Together they have realized a number of projects that bring into play their shared interest in the effect contemporary communication technology has on the body and on the sensual experience between people. For a series of collaborative projects, the two checked into hotel rooms.

While Anna K.E. used her skill as a classically trained ballet dancer, striking poses on bedside tables while attentively watching her Smartphone, Meisenberg filmed her with his camera – in turn transmitted live to K.E.’s phone. This loop of observation creates an awkward reversal of objectification. For the Nuit Blanche in Monaco (April 29, 2016), Meisenberg and K.E. conceived a new version of this project, for the first time bringing in yet another factor into the loop: an audience witnessing a live transmission.

→ C.Ar.D. 2016 Edition
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